Cycling Education

LIFECycle's mission is to increase the use of bicycles for everyday activity, by teaching the fundamentals of bike safety and maintenance to youth in the Lower Mainland and beyond.

When it comes to bicycle safety, the greatest gains can be made in the area of education and there's no better place to start than at school. By teaching in the classroom and schoolyard — in a controlled, traffic-free environment — we are able to give youth a clearer understanding of the hazards they may face when riding their bicycles in their neighbourhood or to school.

LIFECycle has created interactive, age-appropriate programs for youth of all ages and skill levels. With a team of certified Cycling Educators and a stand out kit of equipment — we roll up to a school and it's all about learning and fun for the day! We've taught at hundreds of schools and left thousands of youth with the bicycle smarts they'll need to stay safe while riding. Call or email today if you'd like us to visit your school!

Cycling Through the Ages — (Pre Training Wheels) — A Parent's Guide Part 1
Cycling Through the Ages — (Post Training Wheels) — A Parent's Guide Part 2

Whether you were born in British Columbia, Belfast or Bolivia, most of us remember our first bicycle. Chances are it was handed down from big brother or sister, carefully repainted or polished to look 'like new', and was your pride and joy. Those early childhood memories were your first real taste of freedom, of exhilaration and adventure...