CycleSmarts Bicycle Safety Program

The CycleSmarts Bicycle Safety Program offered by LifeCycle is open to all Grade 2 to 7 Elementary schools. Originally the brainchild of Lynne Mutrie who worked closely with the BikeSmarts program offered by the Provincial Government, these presentations concentrate on the safety issues concerning all aspects of cycling. The syllabus includes both on and off road riding, from what helmet and clothing to wear, how to manoeuvre in traffic, basic bike safety checks and much much more.

During both the Spring and Fall semesters, a great number of schools enrol for these sessions, which are individually tailored to suit the age of the young cyclist and are presented with the aid of bicycle props and equipment, in a fun yet informative way. Each session takes place during school time over a 40-minute period, and can be taught in individual classrooms or in a communal gym/library.

Even during the colder/wetter months, it is often true that children will continue to ride for fun and do not notice the inclement weather. The need for safety education with poorer visibility, heavier traffic, worse road conditions and greater bicycle wear & tear can be therefore even more important during this period.

Some school districts are lucky enough to have a sponsor arrangement with a local company or organisation; this helps keep the cost down to the individual school. Without this sponsorship, classes are still very reasonable at only $30 per presentation. Please check at the foot of this page to see if your school district has a sponsorship arrangement.

In many cases the schools elected to employ LifeCycle to continue their student bicycle education with hands-on training in a playground environment, or in a controlled road situation. Some schools like Braemer E. have chosen to run a complete bike safety week, whilst other schools in West Vancouver (Lord Tennyson E.) have committed to a bike camping school trip on the Gulf Islands. The possibilities are endless and the rewards great.

Current Sponsorship
School District Organization Class charge after sponsorship
44 (North Vanc.) North Shore Safety Council $20
45 (West Vanc.) North Shore Safety Council $20