LIFECycle is a privately owned business that has been incorporated under the Business Corporation Act since January 23rd, 2001. Martin Prestage is the sole shareholder.

Initially the company started teaching CycleSmarts presentations through a small contract with the North Shore Safety Council. The company grew in the early 2000’s to include interactive bicycle safety training on the playground, now well known as BIKEWise Interactive, or simply BIKEWise. Other programs included Bike Repair at Work, Adult Adventures by Bike and Lunch & Learn sessions.

In 2007, both CycleSmarts and BIKEWise were combined with a Road Ride session to make up the City of Vancouver’s pilot program of One Day One School, a contract largely designed by LIFECycle. In 2009, the City of Vancouver ran phase 2 of the program, enabling LIFECycle to partner with the VACC (now HUB), which caught the eye of many local neighbouring communities and travel planners.

Around this time LIFECycle attracted sponsorship from Norco Performance Bicycles, thus maintaining a high level of equipment for free use at all school and public venues.

Between 2009 and Spring 2014, LIFECycle continued to act as delivery agent for the VACC/HUB, with successful programs in Abbotsford, Coquitlam, on the North Shore, and from the Fall of 2013, with the City of Surrey.

In the summer of 2015, LIFECycle contracted directly with the City of Surrey for an Elementray Bike Safety program with an option to extend the term for 4 academic years. Now in its 3rd term, this ensures bike safety education in 50 Surrey schools per annum up until June 2018.

Within the first year (2015-2016) of direct contract with the City of Surrey, Alta Transportation were used as Sub- Consultant for the Data Collection and Analysis part of the program. From 2016-17 onwards, this work has become the responsibility of HASTe.

Running parallel with the above, LIFECycle also hold contracts with the the City of North Vancouver, Translink and School District 46 (Sunshine Coast), delivering bike programming to countless deserving Elementary school children.