BikeWise Interactive brings bike safety skills to the school or community by teaching students how to negotiate different types of road safety situations in a simulated environment, free from traffic.

Students ride through a series of stations, each designed around specific skills necessary for safe cycling – be it road hazard identification and avoidance or maneuverability training. A helmet and bike safety check is always first, giving students the skills to check their own bike.

BikeWise Interactive is…

  • The perfect follow-up to CycleSmarts presentations
  • A 90-minute riding skills session held on school grounds
  • Can be adjusted for all age groups & riding abilities, but perfectly suited for Grade 4 & 5
  • For 1 to 2 classes per session (max. 60 students) with 2 or 3 sessions held during the day, depending on the number of classes participating
  • Ideally set up on flat pavement or gravel with no obstacles at the school or community event area – LIFECycle will do a site assessment to determine the best space to use

Volunteer support is needed (8 persons) to assist with the stations – no cycling experience is necessary and bikes are not required. A fun and positive attitude helps. Volunteers can be: Grade 7 students, parents, teachers or High School students.

It is prefered that students bring in their own bike & helmet to the training, however, LIFECycle also provide an additional 18 bikes and over 30 helmets for student use. Some sharing may be necessary.

BikeWise Plus is…

  • Available for Grade 6 and up, and includes more station options, including advice around bike security and mechanical training
  • A short, supervised road ride in the neighbourhood will often be included
  • Additional volunteer support is needed (2 persons with bikes) to assist with the road ride with cycling experience being necessary

We found your classroom sessions practical, informative and well paced. Yesterday was a wonderful day. I believe the active participation was the key. Providing the opportunity for the students to practice what they learned is important. Lots of bikes at school today! Usually only about 2–3, today there were 25!

Leslie Langford
Hammond Elementary

The presentation on Tuesday and Wednesday at Hammond Elementary with my Grade 3 class was top notch. The students learned a lot! I even learned about helmet fitting and how to place a bicycle on the bus rack — it shows that one is never too old to learn. What a super program!

Ellen Mallot
Hammond Elementary

I believe that this trip may be life altering for some of these students…Thank you for your contribution to the growth of our students.

Jacquie Hall
J.W. Sexsmith Elementary