LIFECycle’s all-new High School program aims at getting students out on their bikes visiting their community’s best green businesses. LIFECycle targets environmentally conscious businesses to partner with neighbouring schools, showcasing their business model.

Students ride in small groups for distances of less than 8km to the facility, with approximately 1 hour spent on location, during which time staff from the facility showcase their business.

Students will be given 30 minutes of bike safety instruction before taking to the streets. Routes to the facility will use bike paths or designated bike lanes as much as possible. Engagement with Municipalities for Best Routes Planning will also be included.

New businesses are always being added. Those currently being considered include:

Organic Farms
Urban Farms
Recycling Depots
Car Share centres
Green Buildings
Bike Share operations
BC Hydro locations
First Nations locations
Bat and other Rehabilitation centres
Vegetarian cooking facilities
Public Transit centres
Harbour Authorities
Beehive developers
Fire protection departments
Fish Hatcheries
Aquarium release centres
Green Chair

The presentation on Tuesday and Wednesday at Hammond Elementary with my Grade 3 class was top notch. The students learned a lot! I even learned about helmet fitting and how to place a bicycle on the bus rack — it shows that one is never too old to learn. What a super program!

Ellen Mallot
Hammond Elementary

We found your classroom sessions practical, informative and well paced. Yesterday was a wonderful day. I believe the active participation was the key. Providing the opportunity for the students to practice what they learned is important. Lots of bikes at school today! Usually only about 2–3, today there were 25!

Leslie Langford
Hammond Elementary

I believe that this trip may be life altering for some of these students…Thank you for your contribution to the growth of our students.

Jacquie Hall
J.W. Sexsmith Elementary