Bicycle Safety Skills Programs for Youth

As recognised leaders in bicycle safety education LifeCycle's bicycle safety skills programs are an interactive experience for youth to learn some fundamental rules of the road.

CycleSmarts Classes: In-class bicycle safety talk, 45min–1hr per class. Students discuss bicycle safety and are given instructions for getting their bicycles ready and what to expect for the riding program.

BikeWise Interactive: Held on school grounds, youth on their bicycles, 80–90min per 1–2 classes. Students visit 6 or more stations where they learn how to negotiate different types of road safety situations in a simulated environment free from traffic. The course can be set up to introduce many features such as: stop signs, driveways, cornering, shoulder-checks, and how to avoid car doors.

The program is best suited to Grades 3, 4 & 5, but LIFECycle can easily adjust the program for any age group.

To participate in the BikeWise Interactive program, a student must know how to ride a two-wheeled bike — use of training wheels only if absolutely necessary. Trikes and scooters are not recommended, as neither would be legally allowed on the road in 'real life'.

Ordinarily, BikeWise runs from 3–6 hours and takes up the space of approximately 3–4 tennis courts, though this can be reduced if necessary. This area works best if there are no obstacles within that space. The event can be run on a grassed, all-weather, or paved surface, but in either case, needs to be relatively flat. No cover is required for the actual course, though the program can be run indoors too. There are no power requirements.

There is a requirement for 8 volunteers to assist with the BikeWiseprogram throughout the day. This may be split into 'shifts' as necessary, with all guidance and supervision carried out by LIFECycle. Training is given to volunteers 15 minutes prior to the start.

Prior to any riding, parents are asked to sign a waiver, provided by LIFECycle. All bicycles and helmets will be checked for safety by one of our qualified instructors. To encourage youth who do not own a bike, or whose bike fails the safety check, LIFECycle will bring a small fleet of bikes and helmets of varying sizes for temporary loan.

As certified CAN BIKE II staff, we provide:

  1. Expertise and experience in managing the participation of youth in an encouraging and helpful manner
  2. All necessary equipment
  3. Liability coverage

Please call 604 837 5943 or email us at for more details.

LifeCycle's patented "TowBug" is also available for rent to those schools wishing to run their own bike safety event. This is a converted Volkswagen Beetle loaded with all the necessary props and bikes you'll want for a fun and informative day. All you need is a vehicle capable of hauling the TowBug, some instructional information that we can provide, insurance to cover loss or damage, and a sense of fun. Please call early, because during the 'Safety season', the TowBug is used regularly, and in the winter months the trailer gets moved south to warmer climes!