Our Educators

Martin Prestage,

Owner & Program Director

Boasting over 30 years cycling experience, Martin has been heading up LIFECycle since it’s conception in 2001. His broad range of experience includes educational & youth leadership, business management, managerial and mechanical knowledge of the retail bike industry, limitless commuting experience, road & trail racing, and expedition style touring. Martin is CAN BIKE 2 certified.
Born in London, England, Martin was professionally qualified as a Chartered Building Surveyor, and has over 15 years construction management experience. However, between 1990 and 1993 Martin travelled on his own by bicycle between the UK and Australia, then in 1996 between Calgary and Costa Rica, covering over 40,000km through over 50 countries on the same bike! The former journey (Catford to Croppa Creek) was well documented in New Cyclist magazine, in local and national newspapers, and on international radio and television. Things were never quite the same!

Never keen to sit still, Martin also does a great deal of bicycle advocacy, is the founding director of Transportation Choices, and is the owner of Up The Creek Backpackers Lodge on the Sunshine Coast.

Beau Llewellyn,

Program Manager

Our work at LIFECycle goes much deeper than bike safety. Safe practices and skills are the critical takeaways, of course, but also embedded in our work is a spirit that encourages students to adopt an active lifestyle- one that is both responsible and adventurous. When the program is most successful a student is equipped with a new confidence and mindfulness of their role as a member of a healthy community.

For over 10yrs, I have had the fortune to work alongside young people who inspire. Whether working for a service learning, experiential education or social justice organization, I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to continue this rewarding journey from the saddle!

Sandra Allen,

Lead Instructor

Sandra was given an antique 3-speed shortly after moving to Vancouver and it changed her life! After slowly learning how not to bike on the sidewalks and getting comfortable on the streets, Sandra started working for LIFECycle in 2009. She left an office job to become a dedicated Cycling Educator, working with youth all across the Lower Mainland. Beyond her work with LIFECycle, Sandra has lead after-school bike clubs, Earn-A-Bike programs and bike camps. Sandra has also taught adult programs – everything from Learn to Ride (including specialized programs for ESL women), basic bicycle mechanics, workplace workshops and safe city cycling. When not riding her bike, Sandra enjoys camping, hiking, craft beer, making, podcasts and snuggling with her adorable cats.

Emma Scheurwater,


Emma joined LIFECycle in 2015 after moving to Vancouver, leaving her old job as an Environmental Consultant to pursue her passion for teaching. Emma enjoys backpacking, biking and long walks on the beach (truth). She has stated that her biggest guilty pleasures include binge watching animal videos on Youtube, eating ice cream and reading Craigslists ‘missed connections’. Emma has taken time off from LIFECycle to teach English to youth in China!

Mike Bandy,


Mike joined LIFECycle in 2016. He is an experienced adventure travel guide who enjoys working with kids, as there is never a dull moment. Mike’s background is in urban planning, and he dedicates time to cycling advocacy groups including HUB and the British Columbia Cycling Coalition, in hopes of seeing the day when cycling is the obvious choice for transportation (and recreation) in Metro Vancouver. When not on a bike, Mike can often be found in a tent, at the beach, or on a chairlift.

Lisa Prince,


Lisa joined LIFECycle in 2016 and is excited to share her love of biking with new cyclists! She’s enjoyed many bike adventures along the coast and around the world, with an ever-growing list of more places to explore. Off her bike, Lisa can be found hiking in the mountains, making ice cream, or curled up with a good book.

Ken Ouendag,


Originating from the Prairies, Ken has been enjoying the luscious west coast (and superb bicycle lanes) since moving to Vancouver in 2009. His interest in both education and the outdoors has led him to pursue a variety of guiding and outdoor educator courses. With a BA in Geography completed many moons ago, he received a diploma in Therapeutic Recreation in 2015. Ken admits that he feels most at home when exploring new cultures and landscapes abroad, and looks forward to one day riding his bicycle south to Bolivia in order to reunite with a special howler monkey (named Talia.)

Henry Lee,


Henry Lee remembers his first time biking without training wheels. Dad running behind, holding the end of the banana seat, helping with balance…wobbling, crashing, trying again…legs pumping, confidence growing, finally staying upright…pulling away from Dad with shouted encouragement…and the boyish thrill of liftoff, pedalling a two-wheeled rocket to freedom. From that heady beginning, Henry has gone on to cycling exploits that include triathlons, a 3,500-km Western Canada tour, leading tours for Toronto’s largest bicycling club, serving as “bike mentor” for newcomers to Canada, and completing the CanBike 2 course. When not riding, Henry can be found dreamily plotting his next city-escaping, island-hopping, bike-camping epic adventure.

Tanya Paz,


Tanya joined LIFECycle in 2017. She is a shared transportation consultant and volunteers for the City of Vancouver as Chair, Active Transportation Policy Council, advising City Council on walking, bicycling, skateboarding, and transit. She knows policy and design changes can lead to better road safety. She also knows teaching road safety can be fun. Tanya can be seen in general travel lanes or on the seawall on her pink bike or on a Mobi.

Donna Chen,